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single tear

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when teresa returns after the war she finds her home wrecked and the valuables including an extensive art collection missing

jim carrey says to ask the universe video

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and it all sure did shape my personality and character along the way maybe in this respects my pool of life knowledge and life experiences is probaly quite

green goddess patricia tenti of erostudio at ammann gallery in an alexander mcqueen dress

by this stage we had all been sick with diarrhoea we had all suffered with headaches from the altitude thatu0027s okay it was expected

inside the entrance to the park

daliinchile dali salvador streetart bellavista chile santiago

whatu0027s it all about sung to the chorus of the run dmc song with the same title

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the gift of all

interview with namdeo dhasal part 1

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instafind tina yu artist with her own unique way

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yes but tell me what was your intention

these guys were great buskers santiago shame the police shooed them away

my inspiration for the betrayal book 6 in the guernsey novels

return to quietude and rediscover self

hiking on our rest day

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a hippy with a love of life people ballet and poetry

day one u2013 arrival u2013 santiago

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the daily write


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day 2 u2013 dog of the immaculate conception

division is a fallacy

anne allen lives in devon by her beloved sea she has three children and her daughter and two live nearby her restless spirit has meant a

by this stage we had all been sick with diarrhoea we had all suffered with headaches from the altitude thatu0027s okay it was expected

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interview with reverse mechanic

my brother from anuda mudda

sky blue

when meditation leads to death

instafind u2013 knitting is funky fun when you knit test patterns

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sunday 17 september

howu0027s your attention span

keep your skin fresh clean and clear with this helpful advice

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6 ideas to try when you feel totally kak about everything to do with your novel

the first of my streetart collection santiago lastarria art wordsherpa for you

day 10 u2013 salar de uyuni u2013 salt flats of bolivia


im calling it yes even when we humans have managed to extinctify ourselves nature will

streetart bellavista santiago chile graffiti

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saturday 28 october

tell me u2026

learning to understand acceptance

cloud chasing

i encourage you to take a stroll through instagram account for myself it was a most gratifying find i am going to see if i might be

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the riddle of life

forgiveness is for the strong

an interview with elizabeth

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bit of to add to your day dance freestyle sudamerica santiago

hola from santiago up the hill somewhere


day 4 u2013 thereu0027s a volcano out my window u2013 san pedro de atacama



the santiago house of pabloneruda poet bestpoet lemmefind a poem if you forget me i want

a lifetime of mainlining sugar

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